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Protect Yourself with the Secret Fixes inside the Recently Discovered …

2,000-Year-Old Chinese “Old Testament of Natural Health!”

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Dr. Ryan Shelton

Medical Director, Zenith Labs®

I didn’t believe it myself when I first heard it. After all, if the book is 2,000‑years-old, what could it possibly show us about supporting your blood sugar?

And what’s this about Blood Sugar Traps?

Isn’t blood sugar a 20th-century problem brought on by the high-fat, high-carb, high-sugar American diet?

Yes and no.

First off, blood sugar problems affect nearly 50% of Americans. Many of my patients have dealt with…

Stressing out and worrying about their blood sugar from the moment they eat breakfast in the morning, to any snacks they have throughout the day, or any time they just want to go out and enjoy their lives…

Guilt about eating their favorite foods like pizza, pasta, or a nice juicy cheeseburger – or even being forced to stop eating them completely…

Feeling trapped by low energy – staying home, scared the day’s activities will be too much for their blood sugar…

Worry that they’re a burden on their family – that their husband, wife, or children have to be extra careful what meals they prepare and which activities they plan…

The judgment of their doctor or even their loved ones – afraid that this is their own fault and they’re lazy…

Despair that their health will only get worse, facing a hopeless future…

Now, you might say, “that sounds like me, but my doctor said my blood sugar problems are caused by the high-fat, high-carb, high-sugar standard American diet.”

Real People, Real Results

Before I started taking Blood Sugar Premier®, I was taking Piolitazone once a day, Glipizide twice a day, and Trulicity once a week. I had difficulty getting my blood sugar to an acceptable level of under 120 since going off Janumet when my insurance stopped covering it. I often felt sluggish and craved sugar-laden foods. I also often felt discouraged and wanted to give up trying to stay well.

I knew I would die early from diabetes complications—just as my mother and brother did, both at age 56— meds didn't help me and I couldn't afford the one that did (Janumet). What else could I do? I kept postponing my doctor's appointment because my numbers were too high and I felt like a failure.

I thought Blood Sugar Premier® might just be another product with a lot of hype, but I thought, what the heck—if by some chance it really worked, the cost was a small price to pay. I also knew I couldn't keep postponing my doctor's appointment, and I was feeling desperate.

Within a week of starting Blood Sugar Premier®, my blood sugar dropped from 169 to 85. I have more energy, I feel great, and I have gone off my nighttime dose of Glipizide since my blood sugar was dropping too low overnight. I now walk my dog twice a day for 20-30 minutes each time. I feel positive about my health, my skin is glowing, and I am losing weight.

People have commented on how healthy I look and the amount of energy I now have. I no longer feel that I will die early—my outlook on life has changed and I am looking forward to a long, happy future of traveling with my husband to visit our grandkids. My hope is to get off more meds as time goes on and to even lose a few more pounds. I'm excited and no longer fear going to the doctor—just try Blood Sugar Premier® and see!

Corinne Takayama

Age 63

Having experienced colon cancer two years ago and then recently being diagnosed with diabetes II, I was at a very low point in my life when I started taking Blood Sugar Premier®. I consider myself healthy, and in fact, many even say that I look healthier and younger than my years, so I was really shocked to find that my health had deteriorated to such a poor level.

I started taking Blood Sugar Premier® about two months ago and was skeptical. However, much to my surprise—and to my doctor's and Diabetes Educator's—my blood tests indicate that I have dropped a whole point in my blood glucose levels. In fact, every time I get my blood tested, the readings come back as normal. Health professionals are amazed at my results.

My plan is to continue with Blood Sugar Premier® whilst taking my diabetic medication from my doctor for another month and hopefully come off prescribed medicine once I have another blood test. By this time, I would have been on Blood Sugar Premier® for three months or more, and hopefully my health is fully restored. This diabetes nightmare may soon be over! You should give it a go—if you think of all the horrible chemicals you put into your body via mainstream medicine, you have nothing to lose. It can restore you to good health!

Rosanna Manganas

Age 71

And you’d be partly right. But only partly.

See, the Standard American Diet Triggers the Two Blood Sugar Traps.

But it's those traps that do the real damage to your blood sugar.

So while yes, it's true that a miserable ultra-restrictive diet would get rid of those traps and support healthy blood sugar, that's not the only way.

That’s why this 2,000-year-old Chinese “Old Testament of Natural Health” is so amazing.

It shows how to fight the two Blood Sugar Traps without starving yourself or eating only salad three meals per day.

The solution is a plant called Chinese Goldthread. Or, more specifically, it’s the healing essence inside of Chinese Goldthread…

A molecule called Berberine.

Berberine helps combat…

The Two Deadly
Blood Sugar

The first trap is inflamed cells.

Certain proteins and lipids become too active in your body, and they cause inflammation in your cells. Those irritated cells lead to unbalanced blood sugar.

Berberine helps support a natural, healthy balance in inflammation in your cells, which helps keep your blood sugar balanced.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Berberine lowers the activity of those certain proteins and lipids. It supports a healthy inflammatory response in your body and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.3

A scientific review, published by the Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, declared that, “studies have shown that Berberine could inhibit the absorption of glucose, and eliminate intestinal inflammation.”

So Berberine targets your blood sugar directly, and it targets inflammation.1

That means it’s a simple, no-nonsense method to support healthy blood sugar.

It is a method that doesn’t require strict, depressing diets.

Isn’t that a relief, hearing that you can support healthy blood sugar with something so simple?

But remember…

Out-of-control inflammation is only the first Blood Sugar trap.

The second trap is fat deposits that strangle your pancreas.

Your pancreas’ number one job is keeping your blood sugar levels healthy. So when fat deposits start squeezing and crushing your pancreas, it can’t do its job as well. And that can affect your blood sugar.

Luckily, Berberine breaks down those fat deposits.

Researchers at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology – one of the top medical schools in the world – discovered that Berberine can break down fat deposits around the pancreas, and prevent new fat deposits from forming.1

Another study, published in the journal Pharmacological Research, tested 3,000 patients to show that Berberine contributed to healthy blood sugar and lower plasma lipids – the type of fat that clings to your pancreas.2

With those fat deposits gone, your pancreas more easily performs its natural function of helping maintain healthy blood sugar.

So Berberine supports healthy blood sugar levels with a one-two punch: supporting a healthy inflammatory response, and breaking down the fat deposits around your pancreas.

Berberine is truly amazing.

And finding Berberine isn’t as hard as you’d think.

The Chinese Goldthread plant was the first source we knew about, but there are others. Some you can find in your own backyard! Like the California Poppy, Yellowroot, and the Amur Cork tree.

Although, for the best results, you do need to get it from exactly the right source, but I’ll cover that more in a minute.

You’re probably excited to find out exactly where to find Berberine to support your blood sugar…

But first, I want to show you two more ingredients that supercharge Berberine…

The first is called Curcumin or Turmeric Root, and it supports your body’s natural balance of insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.

Curcumin is the main building block of turmeric, a type of ginger.

A medical study performed at the University of Malaysia Medical Center in the journal discovered that – like Berberine – Curcumin also supports a natural, healthy inflammatory state in your cells.4

Another study, by the Department of Food Science and Engineering in South Korea, found that…

People who eat more foods that contain Curcumin have lower blood sugar levels and lower levels of pancreas-hijacking lipids.5

And healthy blood sugar isn’t the only benefit…

Researchers at the Hokkaido University School of Medicine in Japan, discovered that Curcumin protects the muscles and bone health of people with blood sugar concerns, and helps prevent annoying aches and pains!14

You can find Curcumin in supplements in the grocery store, or in turmeric itself.

But taken by itself, Curcumin Won’t Work.

You have an enzyme in your liver called “UGT” that latches onto Curcumin and breaks it down before it can do its job.

This is why I recommend Curcumin always be taken with Piperine, so you can get the full blood sugar supporting synergy…

Piperine comes from the black pepper plant.

It breaks down the UGT in your liver before that UGT can destroy the Curcumin, allowing Curcumin to do its job of helping maintain your natural insulin sensitivity.6

And on top of that, two studies published in the Journal of Food Chemistry and the Chinese Pharmacology Bulletin showed that Piperine has its own blood sugar balancing properties:

Both found that Piperine increased insulin sensitivity, which helps regulate blood sugar.7, 8

Even more exciting…

Piperine is a natural fat-loss booster.

Researchers published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions said…

“Our study concludes that Piperine can be well considered as an effective bioactive molecule to suppress body weight, improve insulin and lipid sensitivity, ultimately leading to regulate [body weight].9

So while it’s helping balance your blood sugar, Piperine will also be helping you shed those extra pounds, so you can be more confident when you look in the bathroom mirror.

Plus, trimming extra flab makes it even easier to take control of your blood sugar.

Now, Piperine is a little more challenging to find than Berberine and Curcumin.

Not many stores carry Piperine supplements, and you’d have to drown your meals in black pepper to get an effective amount.

But for optimal blood sugar support, you want the combined synergy of Berberine, Curcumin, and Piperine.

And that’s going to take natural, high-quality sources of all three ingredients, along with the precise ratios and amounts that will be most effective.

Now, remember how I said almost 50% of Americans over 40 struggle with healthy blood sugar?

Nobody expects 50% of Americans to have the time, connections, or money to travel the world and find the best sources of these ingredients.

I decided to solve that problem.

I decided the best option was to design an easier way for regular folks to get these natural herbs without having to find the best sources around the world, and without having to figure out the precise ratios and amounts.

You need a done-for-you solution.

So I worked with my team of experts at Zenith Labs® to create exactly that.

We designed and created a supplement that provides you with the highest quality Berberine, Curcumin, and Piperine, and has the precise amounts and ratios to support healthy blood sugar.

Then, it adds a blend of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals, each one hand selected to give you faster, stronger effects from the three key ingredients.

It’s called
Blood Sugar Premier®.

It's specially designed for people who have tried everything they can think of to maintain healthy blood sugar but have still struggled…

In fact, here’s what a recent customer – Julie Stingel – shared with me the other day:

Can you imagine…

Hearing your doctor tell you that your blood sugar levels are perfectly normal?

The weight being lifted off your shoulders, knowing you’ll no longer have to stress about eating your favorite foods?

Imagine your confidence and pride, knowing that you accomplished this yourself.

Can you feel hope and joy, knowing that your blood sugar will no longer hold you back?

Knowing that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life worried that people are silently judging you, blaming you any time your blood sugar isn’t perfect, or worried that your blood sugar is stopping you from being active with friends and family, and keeping you trapped at home?

Can you feel the freedom that comes in when those worries are a thing of the past? The joyful possibilities it opens up for your life?

Doesn't it almost take your breath away?

And Blood Sugar Premier® is backed by…

Zenith Labs®’ 6-Month Guarantee.

If You’re Unsatisfied For Any Reason at all, Even if the Bottle is Empty, Simply Contact Us for a 100% Refund.

It either helps support healthy blood sugar so you can live your life… or it’s free.


Try this true & tested blood sugar formulation today for a steep discount off our everyday price. I’m giving you that discount as a “thank you” for caring so much about your health.

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